Shaohua Chen is Professor in the School of Economics of Xiamen University and a former Lead Statistician in the Development Economics Research Group of the World Bank. She managed the Global Poverty database and all developing countries’ poverty, inequality estimations at the World Bank since 1991. She was also the person in charge of the global poverty monitoring part for many departments’ main reports in World Bank, such as WDR, WDI, GEP, and GMR. Before joining the World Bank, she was the Lecturer at the Business School of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. She received her Master's Degree in Statistical Computing from American University.

Her research has focused on poverty, fairness, and inequality measurement, and program/policy impacts evaluation. Her research results have been publicized at QJE and other mainstream international journals. Her papers have been quoted for more than 17000 times (according to the Google Scholar). She is also the author of the Anti-Poverty and Shared Prosperity published by the World Bank.


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